Sunday, November 8, 2009

Perfect Day

What a fantastic weekend.  Friday evening I met Kiki and Dan for dinner at Dokebi (Korean- so tasty), then shared a beer before heading over to Cheyenne's birthday party.  I danced non-stop from 10-3:30, at which point I went home.  Yesterday I was a bit sleepy, but like the trooper I am, went to breakfast before spending the afternoon being somewhat lazy with Anevay and catching up on some housework. 

Today I woke at 6 from a strange dream about Carlos- it was sweet and nice, and I didn't feel sad, just thankful to be alive and happy to have such a wonderful day ahead of me.  Anevay and I threw on some clothes and ran around for a bit outside, and then came home to prepared for brunch.  Some of the gang came over- each of them had something tasty to contribute, and after an incredibly long spell eating and talking around the dining room table, we caught the sunset on a walk over the Williamsburg Bridge.  It was a relaxing, reflective day- exactly what I needed.

Started making plans for Santacon (look at the website and you'll get an idea of the sort of fun this will be), as well as a somewhat debaucherous party mid-December that may or may not be at my place. Autumn is a strange time of year, and so I want to spend it with a healthy mix of social fun and quiet-time working on the book at home.  Oh, what I wouldn't give for a fireplace...  Perhaps someday?  Until then, I can dream, and will be perfectly happy finding the restaurants/bars in NY that have comfortable chairs and roaring fires (I'm not talking gas fires, either- I want sparks, burning logs, the smell of wood).

All this talk of fires makes me think of my parents' place- it's so nice to be there during the cold months to enjoy Irish coffees whilst sitting around their fireplace.  Sigh... 

This Thanksgiving I plan on being with my family outside of NY, but *think* I might stick around here for Christmas.  Anyone else going to be around?  Wondering if I should plan something festive?

Now, off to put my girl to bed, and then I plan on writing for a couple of hours before I fall asleep.  Wonder what strange dreams I'll have tonight? 

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