Sunday, November 1, 2009

Feeling good

Last night was Halloween.  Contrary to every other year of my life, I decided to stay in.  No, this wasn't because I hadn't secured a babysitter (I had), but rather, from a strong desire to be with the person I love best: Anevay. 

Two nights ago, Anevay and I went with friends to the City Reliquary  for a Halloween party put on by our friends Stephen and Christina.  Besides having games for the kids/beers for the grown-ups, they put on a small production of Poe's 'Cask of Amantillado', which Anevay and her friend Alameda declared was "creepy but not scary."  Apparently, on the day before a Halloween that falls on a Saturday, most people don't get dressed up.  Oh well.  I had on full cat make-up, and Anevay was Laura Ingalls.

Yesterday we went trick-or-treating with friends (Laura Ingalls was still around, but the cat decided to stay home), then came back home, cooked a nice dinner, curled up in front of a scary movie, then went to sleep.  It was the most perfect Halloween I've ever had. 

This morning I took a look at Facebook and saw all of the drunken posts from 3 and 4 and even 7 in the morning, and thanked myself for staying in last night.  And now, showered, dressed and ready to go, I'll walk a block away to cheer on the runners in the NY Marathon.  This year I know a handful of friends who will be running, as well as an awfully dreamy man who might give me a wave as he runs by.   Maybe I should have saved the cat costume for today...  Meow!

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