Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bad, bad boots

Seriously, people, I do it to myself...

Since being forced into unemployment a year ago, I've been incredibly thrifty.  Even now that I'm working, I'm really careful.  I *gasp*, KEEP A BUDGET!  This means, for the most part, that I choose not to remember the things I used to do for myself.  Haircuts?  What are those?  New clothes?  Huh?

Honestly, I don't miss (much) these little luxuries.  Manicures have got to be the silliest things ever.  Ditto with waxing.  I mean, c'mon, what ever possessed me to let ladies attack my cuticles and pour hot wax over me (a small aside- I went for a wax the other day for the first time in forever, and it was the worse experience ever.  Lesson learned)?

Living hand to mouth is...  well...  demeaning.  Truly, unless you're a kid, traveling around the midwest with a bunch of ravers (oh, did I do that?), it's not much fun trying to figure out whether food or the electric bill is more important.

So much for security.  At this point, I'll take a positive balance in my bank account (I jest...  it's not that bad...  YET.).

I'm usually level-headed about all of it.  After all, it doesn't pay to covet objects.

Yet this morning I made a grave error.  No, I didn't order some ridiculously expensive Rinkel bag off of Vivre.  It was worse.  I went onto Zappos to look at winter for Anevay...  somehow, I found myself looking at women's boots.

Go figure.  Satan has it out for me.

I found a pair that lured me in.  Frye boots- simple- pretty.  Only the ones I like aren't $150 (which I'm still not spending right now), but $650.  Damn it, I had to like the ones in soft black vintage leather.

Now, before you think of me as an idiot who spent my grocery money, please note that I did NOT deliver myself to temptation.  I took a deep breath, and clicked back to where I was supposed to be- looking at boots for Anevay (she actually needs them, and not for $650).

So it would seem as though I'm a good-guy.  Noble, even.  I make sacrifices, damn it.  Sigh.  But you know what?  Inside my black little heart, Ican't get those damn boots off my mind.  If I were to pick one of the seven deadly sins for what I'm feeling, I wouldn't be able to narrow it down.  It would be more of a combination: Pride; Lust; Envy...

I think all of this goes to show one thing...  You can take the boots off of a girl, but you can't TRULY take the girl away from her boots...

Now, please restrain me before I go to the Vivre site to look at a pair of H. Williams boots...  (kidding...  Vivre has got to be the most ridiculous site on the Internet)

Oh, before all of you think of me as just some petty creature, know this: I have looked the other way from most things that are not priorities for over a year.  I think the fact that I glanced and now covet a pair of boots (I am in need of some new flat boots:) is a crime I'm willing to forgive.  After all- you saw the picture above...  Don't you agree those Frye boots are devilishly attractive?  Is it any wonder I was taken in by their flirtations?!


Update: These are even cooler, and are less expensive!  

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