Thursday, September 10, 2009

A year of unemployment

Two days ago, on September 8th, it had been a year since I was laid off. The days when I wore four-inch heels and tight wool skirts seem like ancient history.

I've accomplished a lot this last year. A solo show of my work, a lot of time spent finishing my book, my embroidery (which is now being noticed quite a bit- it's even being featured in an upcoming issue of NY Magazine!).

It's now autumn, that time of the year when I tend to become a little more reflective... The last few days, the words, 'it's all an illusion' drift inexplicably through my head. My money woes are not me any more than the clothing I wear. I've told myself these things a lot lately... Yet right now I'm feeling a pressure- a weight- that I've never felt before. I'm feeling- gasp- a little stuck! Last night my last thought before falling asleep was that I need a change. A big one.

Time to get to work.

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