Friday, September 4, 2009

New wedding items up on Etsy!

Grandma Hankie

Grandma Hankie

Wedding Heirloom CUSTOM WORK

Wedding Heirloom CUSTOM WORK

Wedding Heirloom CUSTOM WORK

Best Dude Hankie

Best Dude Hankie.

I've always loved weddings. I get giddy just thinking about them, in a way forward-thinking, freedom-loving women apparently shouldn't. Oh, well. I guess it's similar to how many of my friends are into some of the more constraining couture from yesterday... it looks good, there are aspects about it that feel good, so, why not? Hm. Come to think of it, I'm also into constraining couture from yesteryear... But that's a post for for another time...

Back to weddings. See, I'm a hopeless romantic. Throughout my life, love has come in waves. Unfortunately, most of those waves have totally knocked me under, nearly drowning me. Sigh. I'm holding out, people... I think, at the very least, I've become a better swimmer.

Ugh- my terrible metaphors are killing even me.

Anyway, if love never happens for me in the big way I dream, at least I can make pretty little things for all of the blushing brides out there.

Now, do me a favor, and invite me to your wedding, please. I'm a good guest. I cry at all of the appropriate times, dance like crazy at the reception, talk up all the crazy aunts, and who knows, I might just make-out with your best man, providing you with story-fodder for years to come... (i.e. there was this crazy girl at my wedding who [fill in the blank]...)

Oh- a note to my parents: If you're reading this, please ignore the second picture of the custom work... It's a gift to you guys, but couldn't wait to share it! Classic Melissa...

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