Saturday, September 5, 2009

Monster Island Block Party, or New Jersey pool party?

Hands down, the Monster Island Block Party is going to be the best block party of the summer. Hosted by Secret Project Robot, there will be two art exhibitions: Fit for Habitation; and The Sky Show, as well as many of the best and grittiest Brooklyn bands coming out to play in the streets (if you haven’t yet seen Golden Triangle, winner of the 2009 Dickies Battle of the Bands in Austin, that’s reason enough to head to the party).
Plus, it’s Todd P.’s birthday… One should expect the unexpected when this local legendary party/music/fun promoter is part of the event! Oh, did I mention the party is free? And that libations will be provided? Sigh. Life just doesn’t get much better than this....

Well, unless one has been invited to go to a fabulous pool party. Although I feel a little torn over missing the block party, I think hanging poolside on one of the last gorgeous days of summer will be wonderful.

Click here for more info about the block party (including location), and let me know how it goes! Hurry up and get your ass over there- it starts at 3!

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