Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun with my new pepper plant

Today I splurged and bought a new hot pepper plant at the farmer's market. As one of my best friends, Tom, is in town, fun ensued...

Tom and I have a history of me daring him to do things such as, "Hey, Tom, I dare you to eat this big pepper from my new plant!"


After (note the look of intense pain in his eyes):

Anevay wanted to join in the fun, although she only ended up eating half:

With Tom still in pain (it lasted about 15 minutes), we got the brilliant idea of asking neighborhood people to eat my peppers...

After, of the ice-cream truck dude (who was able to mention, through his pain, that he had only had coffee... the pepper was his first food of the day!):

Before, of some girl handing out flyers for Duane Reade. Clare later noted that just about every person who ate my peppers make sounds as though they were having an orgasm. Very funny, but also very true.
Below, a pic of the flyer the Duane Reade girl was handing out. Oh, if only she had had some of these refreshing bottles of spring water on hand to cool her burning mouth!

A couple blocks down, we ran into another Duane Reade girl (I hate big business in my 'hood, but these girls made my day). Yes, she was another brave soul:

Below: This girl said she was going to save her pepper for later. Boo! Tom was offering peppers to people without them first forming an interest. Clare suggested a marketing plan. We decided then and there that we were going to go for it.

Below: The wine-store dude, although he said he wasn't interested in spicy foods, tried one of my peppers. How did we get him to do it? We simply talked about how beautiful the peppers were, how they matched so well with the colors of the wine packaging... He was hooked! He also had the best reaction... He yelped and drank an entire bottle of juice!

Once home, the fun continued, as Anevay convinced Alberto to try one of my peppers. Below, his reaction:

Who woulda thunk a pepper plant could bring so much pleasure!!

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