Monday, September 7, 2009

Damien Hirst, eat your heart out

While lazily perusing 'Art News Blog' this morning, I came across the following. Even though I haven't yet had my espresso, I smiled:

This fake Damien Hirst work of 44 peanut M&Ms is called "The fear of becoming fat expressed in the joy of being colorful"

Fake Damien Hirst Print

Other works include Thoughts on eternal life by someone living a mundane life in a tiny flat, The price of being a virgin in the world dominated by people who's virginity could never be proven, and Snow White and the seven dwarfs without the seven dwarfs actually being the seven dwarfs. See more on the Damien Hirst spoof site here.

Here's a couple more, um, 'Hirsts':

"Useless apparition of pearblossom joy on the artist's birthday" by Damien Hirst


Human piss in the shape of an unicorn.

Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm

Price: 1€

"Reappearance of falling emotion in a partly deserved absence in purity" by Damien Hirst


"Wrigley's Orbit winterfrost™ sugarfree chewing gum that I kept chewing until it started to lose its taste to make it as not sticky as possible to be able to make a nod out of it but in the end I realized the only way to do it was to apply soap on it and keep repeating FTW (for the win) on a white plastic windowsill" on a photograph

Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm

Price: 1€

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