Sunday, September 20, 2009

RIP Don Steele

My heart goes out to all of my Cali friends, who have lost one of their nearest and dearest, the strange, wonderful and funny, Don Steele. Although I wasn't close to Don, I have my share of memories of his incredibly ubiquitous spirit. His hilarity was infectious. His passing is all the more poignant so soon after the loss of Carlos. Just over a month ago, I remember reading Don's reaction to the news about Carlos. "Devastating," he said. "Can't shake this awful feeling."

Much love to all of Don't family and friends who have been affected by D.F.S.

Don and Greg.

Empire State Building.

Oh, I remember this night, at Ari and Petro's 20's-themed vaudeville-ish wedding. Such a great, great night. My real introduction to the whole West Coast contingent of this big group of friends...

Just a few weeks ago, at Burning Man with Sowards.

Don, Greg, Dakota and Soren. Don was Dakota's Godfather.

Tidy... Pinkies?

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