Monday, July 6, 2009

Tillin' the earth in the BK

My building has been given the go-ahead to use the empty lot next to us for a garden. Yay! It's a lot of work, however, and we'll need an enormous about of topsoil, which is kind of pricey. Hopefully we'll be helped out by GreenThumb, a NYC organization that helps out people starting community gardens. I'm thankful to the folks in my building who spearheaded this project (ahem, Dana), and look forward to seeing all of our work pay off!

Anevay helped clear a lot of rocks...

So did Dasha!
Alberto attacked weeds. He also happens to be helping with the design of the garden (he's an architect)...

Amie, raking rocks.
Annee, picking up crap in the lot that has accumulated over many years. Some residents of our building apparently have even thrown garbage from their windows, trying to make it close to the dumpsters (which are located in the lot). WTF?!
Chris welding a sharp tool. What are these things called?

Our mascot?

Wish us luck... We're going to need it!

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