Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Part girl, part fish.

Anevay and I joined the pool in our neighborhood today. The pictures, unfortunately, don't convey Anevay's extreme excitement over this (she likes to act blase infront of the camera...). She's determined to become a stellar swimmer this summer- she just recently learned how to swim, and isn't yet proficient, but it will come. Today I taught her the breast-stroke, how to tread water, and we worked for awhile on dunking her head under the surface of the water. Apparently the pool has a swim team- Anevay wants to join! I think she'll work hard this summer to learn most of the strokes, and we'll see what happens come fall (when the swim team resumes). I told her to be patient... if the team doesn't work out, then perhaps a swimming lesson to work with a group of kids on her techniques.

Until lately, Anevay was terrified of the water. The fact that she's worked so hard to overcome her fear makes me an incredibly proud mama...

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