Friday, July 17, 2009

Pain never felt so gooood

My downcast mood is officially over...

When I am really pissed off, I kick things. Never when other people around, my sense of propriety is too great for such a show and tell display, but occasionally, when I'm walking down the street, I'll kick a fence, or a tire (oh, that feels good), or, at times, I'll just kick the air. When I was 15, I kicked a fence and it ended up sticking into my leg... Still have the scar.

On my way back from dropping off Anevay at soccer camp, I kicked a tire- unfortunately, kicking things while wearing sandals is not a good idea. I ended up banging up my foot a bit, but the ridiculousness of the escapade gave me the giggles, and then a laugh.

I laughed all the way to C-Town (the only grocery store around here open early in the morning). Inside, I dropped my brand new cooler, full of batteries and bug spray, onto my already hurtin' toes- that's when I really started to laugh. 'Cause you know what? I'm going camping, and it's going to be AWESOME, and my little tantrums are silly, and I'm silly for getting so angry over not having money/job/stuff.

For now, life is good, and today is gorgeous.

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