Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anevay's birthday camping weekend, take 2

Cheyenne's family owns like a kabillion acres around a private lake in New Jersey. We went there last year for Anevay's birthday, and needed to go back. Anevay has told everyone on the planet that this is where she wants to celebrate her birthday every year! Above, Elspeth's cabin.

Anevay and I stayed exactly where we did last year, in the art studio.

Trampoline! I wish I had a picture of me on this thing... I was pulling out tricks from when I was in gymnastics (anyone out there ever have to do swivel-hips?).

Good times on the lake.

Amazing food. I grilled shish kabobs, the remnants of which are pictured in the foreground.

It started to rain a bit while we were around the fire, but it was still a gorgeous night.

Cheyenne getting her pose on.

Daniel and I making some sweet music.

Last year, Elspeth told Anevay that the next time she came back, there would be a swing waiting! Anevay got good use out of it...

Anevay, usually very timid when it comes to insects, actually caught this thing. I'm sure that the dollar I bet her had nothing to do with it... I love the look on her face- a mixture of excitement, terror, and pride.

Apparently a big snake lives under this old car, although we didn't see it.

Anevay had quite a time catching teeny tiny frogs and toads.

Cheyenne makes a mean Bloody Mary, which is, in my opinion, best consumed on the lake.

It was such a great weekend- thanks to all the ladies (and Dan) for making it happen. We're hoping to go back in mid-late August!!

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