Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

This was a FANTASTIC way to start the 4th of July, with a Bloody Mary's at Dumont. It helped to diminish my wretched PMS. (pic by Clare Hambly)
I assure you, I wasn't saying anything amazing, but I like how I placed my hand on Orit's shoulder for emphasis... (pic by Clare Hambly)

Part of our gang at Dumont for brunch...

The second part of our gang.

Alexander opening wine. After one glass while sitting in the sun on Orit's patio, and I was sleepy...

Kafi, Eram, and Cassie.

Anevay at Orit's place.

Cassie and Anevay on Orit's patio.

We left our first group of friends late in the afternoon and made our way over to Jessica and Gil's for a BBQ. Anevay and Leo started making mixed drinks for Tom... In this one, they added apple AND pickle juice, potato chips, tomatoes, and blackberries.

A break from mixing drinks for some ribs...

The completed most disgusting drink on the planet.

Here's drink number two...

Brave souls, all who gave it a try...

The onset of evening meant that Anevay started to feel excited about the fireworks.

Unfortunately, our view was terrible. Oh well.

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