Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Would Muhammad Ali approve?


Today Anevay and I spent the entire day working on a school project.  The assignment?  To come up with a game that incorporated either math or language sciences.  We devised a spelling 'knock-out' game, using, of course, none other than Muhammad Ali to help guide us.  

The nearly complete game-board. Anevay is going to add some flourishes tomorrow.

Still working away, at 5PM.  My kid's putting in a longer workday than many of the 'creatives' who live in my neighborhood.


This makes me laugh.

There are three levels of words- these are some examples of level one.  Some of the level three words are brutal!
Proud of herself...  I'm proud of her, too.

As for tomorrow, I'm going to scramble to get some of MY work done!

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