Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Palestine, Help the First Nation, Save the Animals, and the WWF

Yesterday, some kind Midwesterner placed an order for one of my Banksy-inspired Free Palestine shirts.  In the past, I've donated $5 from the proceeds of every shirt to the Palestine Crescent Society (a branch of the Red Cross), but last night, preoccupied with other things, I went to the First Nations Development Institute website and made a donation.  It was only after completing the donation I realized my mistake.  Not that the First Nation Institute isn't great (it's in place to assist in strengthening American Indian economies, a matter dear to my heart), but if my buyer had wanted a Native American shirt, he would have bought one.

Anyway, I went to the Palestine Crescent Society site, but was unable to place an order.  So I went to a folder on my computer where I keep information on great non-profit organizations to see where else I might donate.  I opened the World Wildlife Fund site- something about seeing images of all those endangered animals tugs at my heartstrings.  Very quickly, I forgot myself again, and inadvertently made a $5 donation.  Again, once the transaction was completed, I realized my error.

I did, however, laugh when I saw how much my support was appreciated by the 'WWF', which, on a side note, made me remember pictures my dad once gave me of the time he went to see Andre the Giant:

I wonder if there has ever been an acronym war between the World Wrestling Federation and the World Wildlife Fund?  Anyway, the shirt below has nothing to do with wrestling...

FINALLY, I made my way to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, where I made yet another $5 donation.

Now, $5 isn't a lot, although this past year I've learned quite a bit about how to stretch a dollar.  If my kind Midwestern buyer is reading, please know that you have inadvertently donated to not one, but three very worthy and unrelated causes!

My flutter-brain-ness is really helping to save the world.  Sigh.

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