Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexa Chung, Madewell, et Moi

Many of you may know that throughout 2009, I embroidered clothing at events for the J. Crew offshoot, Madewell.  Well, looks like I'll be starting up again in March, with one of the brand's Denim After Dark events.

This morning, while leafing through my one few vices, amNew York, I saw that there is at least one fellow Williamsburger interested in Madewell...

Alexa Chung, whose MTV show was canceled last month, will be the first celebrity to design a line for the label.  High-waisted skinny jeans will be amongst the pieces in her line.

Inneresting if it weren't totally boring.  Yet despite the ridiculousness of the new wave hipsters (gag), I happen to like Madewell jeans.  How about you?  Will YOU be brave enough to wear jeans that are not only tight (jeans + totally tight = teans?), but leave nothing to the imagination by rocketing above your navel? 

I say be bold, fashion soldiers.  Surround your jiggly wonderful bellies in yet another STIRRING rendition of the skinny jean.

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