Friday, January 29, 2010

My work in New York Magazine, and the reopening of my Etsy store!

Some of you may remember that last year, New York Magazine contacted me to embroider illustrations for two pages in its 2010 Winter Wedding issue. The magazine also included one of my wedding handkerchiefs, which I thought was pretty great. Amazingly, when the issue came out, I was so consumed with other things that the work I did for the magazine was quickly forgotten. Even when one of the magazine's fabulous art directors dropped off a couple issues at my door (thanks!), I leafed through their pages and then forgot they existed. Job searching, embroidering, freelancing, writing and being a single mom all seemed a little overwhelming, so at the urging of friends/family (who said I was taking on more than I could chew), I cut out the embroidery for a bit.

This morning, after reopening my Etsy store after a many month hiatus, I remembered the issue, and thought it a fitting time to share the images. I embroidered and beaded the wedding cake, as well as the outlines for both pages (which took forever by hand).

Those of you who know my work are probably familiar with my more, well, macabre images. But those of you who REALLY know me understand how much I enjoy weddings. I love them. They make me cry, laugh, dance my ass off, and feel hopeful in all sorts of ways. I love being in weddings (as a bridesmaid), I love being invited as a date (hint hint). They just make me happy, which, as we all know, is pretty great. I guess what I really get off on is seeing people in love.

That said, my romantic soul is firmly mired in reality, meaning that I realize that true love is hard to obtain and even harder to maintain. Unfortunately, that feeling often doesn't. Not many things last forever... This is why, perhaps, I turn much of my art to more gruesome subjects- I see a certain comedy in it. Exposing a little muck is better than glossing it over, yes?

Below are some of the art pieces I have up in my store. They were shown last summer in a solo show at Spacecraft Brooklyn. Since I'm poor and am in serious need a break, I think you should buy them. Or, at the very least, suggest to anyone you might know who has just received a yearly bonus, that s/he should buy them. I think they'd make perfect weddings gifts. Hm... Maybe you could commission a piece? I'm envisioning a bride and groom with bird heads... Muah hahahaha (evil laugh).

Click here to see my Etsy Store!! (if you're a friend, shoot me an email... Perhaps I can cut you a deal;)

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