Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The video below might not make it look as though I work hard, but believe you me, I do.  I really, really do.  My writing has been taking off, the world has been spinning in a brand new way, life has been good.  Yet I have, in many ways, foregone having a social life in order to keep things moving.  I think one has to do this, at times,  in order to prioritize, and, in this economy, make money!  Today was wonderful in that I took a moment away to relax, which doesn't happen very often.  Usually, when Anevay is at school, I'm busting my butt, writing, revising, working on Excel spreadsheets, etc.  All good, positive, productive stuff, but today it was nice to let it all go and kick it with a friend.

Word of the day: Funemployment!!


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