Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Nobody

Yesterday an old friend, Cameron, emailed me pictures of Anevay and Carlos, taken about four or five years ago. Perhaps Cam was reminded of the pictures after someone sent him a link to a Wikepedia page that has been set up for Carlos? Who knows. (A brief aside- if any of you have good secondary sources to add to the Wiki-page, please take a moment and click here.)

In Cameron's pix, Carlos sat with Anevay looking at all of her little treasures. He used to spend a lot of time going through the things she collected. It's nice to have one of those moments documented. I don't have many photos of Anevay from that time. Such a sweet little thing, yes? And the pictures of Carlos, though they make my heart break, also make me smile.

There's also a photo Cameron sent of a gang of us from the same day, taken after a great brunch we shared in Greenpoint. I still remember what I ate: mushroom crepes! From the pictures above, you can see that Carlos is the only person on the planet who manages to look amazing in pink pants, a winter coat AND flip-flops. From the pic below, you'll also be able to get a glimpse of what a happy dork he was. The picture documents an interesting time- Jessica and Gil soon before Leo was born, me with my broken arm (which, speaking of Carlos' pink pants, happened while wearing pink fishnets at Greg and Camille's roller-skating pink party a week or two earlier. Can you see the pain written across my face??), and of course, a vibrant and very much alive Carlos.

After seeing Cameron's pictures, Anevay asked to make the following little video so that she might dedicate a poem she likes to Carlos. The title of the poem, 'I'm Nobody', is pretty perfect:


  1. This is SOOOO beautiful. Thank you!

  2. She's lovely, isn't she? We were looking at the photos of Carlos and she said she really, really wanted to recite the poem she had memorized for him. She couldn't have picked a more perfect poem.


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