Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bovey Lee and missing my Emmi Whitehorse

Well, people, last weekend it was finally time to bid adieu to my Emmi Whitehorse print.  I cried for the week prior to taking it out of my house, but am happy that it's now hanging on the wall of a dear friend.  Perhaps I'll have it on my wall again at some point in the future.  I hope so, as the piece means a great deal to me.  I never thought I'd see it gone, but this was a tough summer, and I needed to let go of some of my things.  Sigh.  No one said being a single mom in NY sans child support would be easy, especially after being laid off from a job.  But life has a funny way of moving forward.
Things have been looking up.  The beginning of November I start a three-month job- and other opportunities have been surfacing.  I realized lately that I was quite depressed this past year (in a not so obvious way to outsiders, perhaps, but depressed none-the-less), and am taking the next couple of weeks to get things together before starting the position.  I'm still diligently looking for full-time perm work, but I'm so thankful for this upcoming opportunity.  I'm also FINALLY working to finish my book.  Finally, I'm totally overhauling my loft.  I've taken the last two days to clean out closets and my room, and am going to tackle Anevay's room.  My place was a disaster this past year (yes, I wrote year).  Cleaning seemed impossible with everything else going on.  Now I'm feeling orderly once again, and want my environment to reflect this.  I have a lot of work left to accomplish.

Anyway, even though my life is slowly coming together, my Emmi Whitehorse print is still gone.  I find myself looking at all sorts of pretty things on-line- today artist Bovey Lee send me info about a limited edition paper cut-out she's made...

Her work is amazing, but usually pretty pricey- if you have a little extra, I would highly advise you to purchase one of her more affordable, $500 cut-outs.  It would be a great investment- she's a great artist, up-and-coming, with beautiful work.  Check out Bovey Lee's website for more info.


  1. Ah, the fine art of surfacing. Go, girl! And tell me about the book you're working on? XO

  2. Hey there! Surfacing, yes. This is an important time in my life (aren't ALL times important?!).

    If you're interested in reading some of the book, send me your email and I'll invite you to read some chapters on my book blog. I'm looking for some major feedback...

    Hope all is well!


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