Sunday, May 23, 2010

My work in a group show at Bows and Arrows!

Hey All, it's been awhile...

Life has been a little hectic since taking a fulltime job back in March.  Not much time to write (but I'm making a great effort to find those 25th and 26th hours per day!), and sadly, absolutely no time for art-making.  Therefore, I'm thrilled (to say the very least!) that the dynamic-duo behind Texas-based Bows and Arrows has bought (outright!!) five pieces for their upcoming show, 'A Needle Pulling Thread'.

Bows and Arrows writes:

A simple needle and thread give these carefully selected artists a common ground in which to create their works. The artists work on a variety of mediums including fabric, wood and paper. While using sculptural, as well as figurative and abstract elements, the artists build a whirlwind of visual characters. These works, viewed together for the first time, encourage a dialogue on the notions of where “craft” might fit in contemporary art. Our world is encompassed by the basic technology of sewing, from clothes to furniture, from a jet plane seat to ancient beadwork. The long history of this medium invites one to rethink and challenge its foundations and A Needle Pulling Thread influences the new folk aesthetic by encompassing what sewing is and what it can be.

Anyone want to take me to Texas for the weekend to see the show??!!  Below, a detail of one of my pieces...  Also, I have four pieces left from the solo show I had last summer at Spacecraft.  Don't YOU want one of my embroidered canvases on YOUR wall??

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  1. Congratulations! You deserve this and much more!!!


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