Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas in Manhattan

Living in New York for any extended period of time, it's easy for one to forget that she actually lives in New York.

Confused yet?  Let me explain...

For the past month, I've been working once again in Midtown.  For weeks, holidays decorations have been hung, and I've been so busy working, that I have barely noticed!

Today I let myself take a walk for lunch, and took a few pictures of the goings ons happening in a two-block radius from where I work.

Take a look-see:

Above: Rockefeller Center

The skating 'pond' below the Rockefeller tree.

Radio City Music Hall.

Giant decorations in the reflecting pool across the street from my building.

Above: Pretty obvious.

On my way back to the office, I stopped at the famous Magnolia Bakery.  I rarely allow Anevay to have sweets, but after my lunch-time walk around Midtown, I was feeling guilty that Anevay hadn't been there with me to take it all in, and I thought a couple of cupcakes wouldn't hurt.

Above: A blurry picture of my building, taken on my way home.

One of the cupcakes I chose has a Rockette on it...  although it remains uneaten.  Anevay chose a totally over-the-top blue and white snowman cupcake, while I threw myself wholeheartedly upon a decadent chocolate heart-attack.

Today, although it was filled with the usual crowded subways and chaos of the city, felt pretty wonderful.  What made it perfect was being able to talk about it with Anevay, and to see her fact at the (unexpected) treat I had brought her.  I realized something pretty great- I don't shower my kid with many goodies, toys, cool clothes, or getting her own way, but I DO talk to her about things that matter- I tell her about my day and about things happening in the world, I take her to dinners filled with interesting people (often she is the only kid- fine by me, although I don't think I'll ever understand why other parents would want to so clearly separate their lives from those of their kids), and, when the mood strikes me to give her a surprise, she is so, so happy and thankful that it makes me nearly cry.  I feel pretty proud of myself for raising such a great kid, and especially proud of Anevay for having such a great and thoughtful head on her shoulders.

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